The Living Frontier, The Roman Frontier Gallery

Tullie House Museum, Carlisle UK

Starting as a picture researcher my role expanded to include editorial oversight of this moving and acclaimed new exhibition. This addition to a stunning Roman Frontier Gallery (designed By Redman Consultancy) is a unique selling point for Tullie House Museum. It was a privilege to be involved!

Hadrian was first to build a wall dividing the “barbarians” from the Empire, but we are still building them now. It is this concept which introduces the visitor to a unique section of the Roman Frontier Gallery. Visitors are met with a large concrete barrier (like that used in the Berlin wall) embedded with images of rioters in Belfast, refugees detained behind fences in Africa and border guards in Bangladesh. Moving image screens project footage of bulldozers making way for the newest section of the barrier in Israel and demonstrations on Kashmir. An interactive touch screen point contains detail and background about the individuals, communities, governments and even animals portrayed in the display. Visitors have time to see the faces and hear the stories of those who live on the dividing walls of today.

The Living Frontier makes use of the idea that Human Kind, across time, probably reacted to occupation, division, boarders and frontiers in similar way. The people of recent day Berlin, Jerusalem, Tijuana and Baghdad whose lives have been affected in various ways by these divisions stand in for humanity as whole and can speak for those whose opinion died with them more than 1,600 years ago.